From the MD’s Desk

From the MD’s Desk

As some countries commenced mass vaccination while many governments wage a fierce battle for containing the pandemic amid the coronavirus variants sweep through the world.

Manufacturing industries are preparing themselves for the rebound of demand for a wide range of products. The resilience of many industries shall be tested in challenging circumstances where hikes in the prices of many raw materials exacerbated with the increase in the cost of logistics.

Disruptions at the global supply chains gave way to reviving or empowering some regional manufacturing bases around the world. Some regional companies have been experiencing more than expected growth in sales. Lots of goods ranging from home appliances to auto parts are mostly supplied by regional producers since the pandemic has put a heavy burden on the global powerhouses.

The battery industry has been experiencing similarly since the pandemic. The capex expenses of the regional battery companies are likely to have more growth than the multinationals. On top of that, enhanced market shares of those regional manufacturers at their region are expected to be stable for some years as recovery of the supremacy of the conglomerates awaits several, if not many, constraints. 

With the inclusion of new business tools, as well as d technologies into their capabilities, regional independent battery manufacturers can sustain some more good years ahead. That may result in an earlier than expected transformation of these entities into niche market players before advanced battery technologies become mainstream.

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