The mould delivering like no other

The mould delivering like no other

Power Moulds have delivered another breathtaking performance. Our client witnessed how a perfect COS welding can reliably be achieved with much lesser strap thickness. Last but not least, saving in lead simply impressed.

Those who have spent years in battery assembly despertely confide how challenging to obtain a perfect COS fusion with excess molten lead in the mould cavities being effectively drained. The longer the dip delay time to allow excess lead to run back, the lesslikely becomes to get positive meniscus in bonding. Power mould ensures better strap thickness consistency and longer dip delay time without any concession in the quality of fusion. Very uniform straps throughout the shift also guarantees quality of welding to be maintained easily.

Power Mould offers two basic advantages which eventually deliver saving in lead alloy consumption during COS. Initially, strap thickness in Power Mould is far less than conventional moulds.

Common strap thickness for car type batteries is 4,5mm in Power Mould technology. Another advantage is a unique feature of the technology which allows excess lead in the mould cavities to run back without affecting fusion quality. Besides, consistency of strap is exceptionally higher throughout the shift. Strap thickness variation is 0,3mm whcih clearly signifies the consistency. Bonding tests carried out both visual and mechanical resulted good, and satisfactory meniscus building was observed in production. Weight variation was observed less than 1% among shots.

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